General FAQ’s

No, typically property management companies are working for landlords in the maintenance of their rental properties. We work for homeowners in the maintenance and repair of their primary residences.

We have a membership or subscription fee that can be paid monthly or annually. In addition, we retain a percentage (usually 10%) of the contractor’s invoice for work we have scheduled. Finally, there is a service charge anytime we need to visit a property.

We maintain either a credit card on file or a retainer account we can draw from as needed. Our clients are notified any time we charge the card or draw from the fund.

We have an after-hours number for our clients to call in the event of an emergency but as much as possible, we try to do business during normal business hours. It is both expensive and difficult to get contractors for off-hours work.

For “snowbird” service, we will need to have access. For all other services, that is your decision. Obviously, when work is scheduled someone will have to be available to let the contractors in. Typically, a HousePros representative will provide access for contractors if you are unable to.