• Having Only One Call to Make if Something Goes Wrong With Your House
  • Having Trusted People Watch Over Your Home During Long or Short Absences

What is Home Management Services?

It’s like having an on-call doctor for your house.

Simply put, we take over operation of your home so your free time can be spent enjoying family and friends – doing things you’d rather do than the frustrating work of locating, scheduling, negotiating with and supervising contractors.

What We Offer

Our Business Model is Simple: You call us and we take care of it.

The HousePros subscription service is based on a bi-annual maintenance inspection. Our members receive a thorough inspection that allows us to develop a prioritized list of maintenance and repair items to “catch up” if needed and keep their homes in top condition.

Going forward, our members call us when anything goes wrong with their house, as we all know it will. Plumbing leak? Roof leak? Bats in the attic? Water heater failure? Electrical receptacle stop working? Remodeling project? Call us. We will contact contractors, schedule the work and follow up as needed.

HousePros works only with contractors who are qualified professionals – skilled, insured and licensed where applicable.

Utilizing HousePros

Installation/Replacement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Installation of aging-in-place equipment (grab bars, handrails, ramps, wider doors, etc.)
Installation of video doorbells/security equipment
Conversion to LED lighting
Installation of armored washing machine hoses
And much more….

Did You Know?

Standard rubber washing machine hoses are very susceptible to bursting if left under pressure. If that happens when you are away, it can literally flood your entire home. Armored hoses are very cheap insurance!

Who Would Be Our Clients?

  • Homeowners who are tired of feeling like contractors are taking advantage of them
  • Professionals who have limited free time and don’t want to spend it chasing contractors
  • Homeowners who don’t feel they have the expertise to properly maintain their home
  • Homeowners who want help prioritizing needed work and help getting it done
  • Seniors who want help making their home safe for aging-in-place
  • “Snowbirds” or travelers who want a trusted party to check on their property in their absence.

General FAQ’s

No, typically property management companies are working for landlords in the maintenance of their rental properties. We work for homeowners in the maintenance and repair of their primary residences.

We have a membership or subscription fee that can be paid monthly or annually. In addition, we retain a percentage (usually 10%) of the contractor’s invoice for work we have scheduled. Finally, there is a service charge anytime we need to visit a property.

Subscription fees can be paid a year at a time (best rate) or monthly via ACH. Ging forward, we maintain either a credit card on file or a retainer account we can draw from as needed. Our clients are notified any time we charge the card or draw from the fund.

We have an after-hours number for our clients to call in the event of an emergency but as much as possible, we try to do business during normal business hours. It is both expensive and difficult to get contractors for off-hours work.

For “snowbird” or vacation service, we will need to have access. For all other services, that is your decision. Obviously, when work is scheduled someone will have to be available to let the contractors in. Typically, a HousePros representative will provide access for contractors if you are unable to.

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